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The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) carries out regular public consultations so that the opinion and input of our stakeholders is considered in the work we are undertaking. Through our consultations we seek to achieve an understanding of what is important to the general public, and to those working in pharmacy and in other health related roles, and ensure that our stakeholders understand our role and the work that we do.

The PSI, as the pharmacy regulator, acts to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of patients and the public. Our vision is to ensure that pharmacy services are delivered in a competent, professional and ethical manner and in an appropriate environment, to the highest standards of quality care and best practice.

11 April 2017

Welcome to our public consultation on the next PSI Corporate Strategy 2018-2020.

We have started developing our Corporate Strategy for the next three years, setting out what we, as the pharmacy regulator, want to achieve. As a public body, the PSI has an obligation to set out our strategy and its intended outcomes, and provide an opportunity for all those who are interested in or affected by our work to have a say in our future direction.

The draft strategy builds on our achievements under the current strategy (2013-2017) and establishes four key areas where we will focus our activities in continuing to meet our core responsibilities and to develop our organisation and its resources so that we can carry out our work efficiently and effectively. We are committed to furthering what we do and how we work so that by the end of 2020 we are seeing the outcomes of safer pharmacy practice through effective regulation. Over the next three years we want to achieve: PSI Strategy

  • Safer practice and pharmacy services through assuring the safe practice of pharmacists and the quality of pharmacy-delivered services, while enabling future developments in pharmacy.
  • Increased collaboration and engagement by optimising our communication and partnership with others to advance our mission and increase understanding of our role.
  • An enhanced regulatory strategy that ensures a proportionate and effective approach to regulation.
  • Organisational excellence by fostering and promoting an agile and high-performing organisation, making the most beneficial use of our resources, our people and our time.

To participate in this public consultation, please consider the Corporate Strategy 2018-2020 consultation document and choose one of the following ways to submit your feedback:

The consultation will close on Tuesday, 2 May 2017.


Please note that submissions made to the PSI during its public consultations are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014. After each public consultation we publish a consultation report on this website  that contains a summary of comments received, the PSI response to those and lists the individual names or organisations that have given their feedback, where those have been provided.

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